Accessible Information

Easy English and plain language

Did you know that 44% of Australian adults have difficulty reading and writing?

At Scope, we’re passionate about making written information accessible to people with low English literacy, including people with intellectual disability and CALD backgrounds.

We’ve been writing accessible communications for over 15 years. Our experienced team of speech therapists, writers and designers know how to create communications that meet your readers’ needs.

Accessible information services

Easy English

We specialise in Easy English, which is a style of writing that:

  • is simple and concise
  • focuses on key information
  • uses words and images to help readers understand the information.

Key features:

  • Simple language and grammar
  • Minimal punctuation
  • Simple font, layout and design
  • Images that add meaning to the text

Our style guide, Clear Written Communications, is regularly updated to reflect research findings and consumer testing feedback. This resource is available at our Easy English training sessions and can be provided on request.

Read our Easy English fact sheet.

Plain language

We also offer plain language translations. This style of writing suits people with average literacy skills who want information that’s easy to find, understand and use.

Read our plain language fact sheet.

Accessible or tagged PDFs

We provide tagged PDFs that can be read by people with vision impairment who use screen readers. These PDFs meet a high standard of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance.

Images and design

We use a variety of image resources to help readers understand key messages. Our designers can incorporate your organisation’s logo and brand colours, and tailor images for a specific topic. We can also provide design consultancy and add images to your own Easy English document.

Consumer testing

We highly recommend testing your Easy English documents with people they are designed for. We employ people with low English literacy to provide feedback on language, layout, images and readability to make your documents more accessible.

Watch our consumer testing in action.


We regularly run a one-day Easy English training workshop in Melbourne. Book a training session

We can also deliver customised training sessions at your workplace – anywhere in Australia.


We can provide feedback about your own Easy English documents. And we offer one free consultation to people who attend our training sessions.


Spread the word about your accessible documents. We can show you how.


We’ve worked with organisations from a variety of sectors, including state and federal government, disability, justice, health and education.

Here are some examples of our recent projects:

South East Water – Using water in summer

Canberra Community Law – Disability Discrimination Law

Kids Guardian NSW – Choose the right organisations to work with your child

Virtual Disability Conference Summary 2018

Red Cross – Rediplan

Image courtesy of Office of the Children’s Guardian NSW