Let’s make communication accessible for all

Did you know that one in seven people will experience communication difficulties at some point in their lives? Unfortunately, 99% of businesses are not communication accessible, leaving people with disability frustrated and even isolated.

Imagine not being able to do every day things like order a coffee or get takeaway. How would you feel if your doctor couldn’t understand you? Or your bank?

This is a daily reality for 1.2 million Australians. This means they cannot rely on speech and have to use other methods to get their message across. Having a communication difficulty can mean they aren’t included in their community because businesses and services do not have the skills or tools to effectively communicate with them.

As Australians, we can change this so that everyone gets a fair-go and can access the services they need – whether that’s healthcare, education, or participating in the community.

Let’s close the communication gap and call on organisations, big and small, to become communication accessible.

Join Scope, sign the pledge, #AskForChange. Let’s make Australia communication accessible.





Communication unlocks communities

It’s time for us to champion communication access. Let’s make sure our businesses and services – know about the impact of communication disability, and how to champion fully accessible communities through the Communication Access Symbol.

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