Communication Access Network (CAN)

The Communication Access Network (CAN) supports and coordinates both local and state-wide initiatives to ensure people with communication difficulties are able to find the assistance they need.

What is the Communication Access Network?

CAN aims to build community awareness and support people with communication difficulties to participate in their community. We partner with a wide range of groups and individuals.

We provide information, advice, resources and services to the following:

  • Adults with complex communication difficulties
  • Community groups, councils and local businesses
  • Families and staff

The Victorian Department of Human Services funds the Communication Access Network. Locations include the Communication Resource and Inclusion Centre in Melbourne and 11 Regional Communication Services based at 18 sites across the state, including community health centres and disability organisations.

For more information, contact your Regional Communication Service.

Alternatively, you can contact the Communication and Inclusion Resource Centre:

Phone: 1300 4 72673

Communication Access Network Projects

CAN See the links below for examples of projects undertaken in areas such as accessible information, education, local government, advocacy, the Arts, essential services, health, leadership, leisure, retail, and disability services.

Communication Access Network Reports

For more information, contact the Communication and Inclusion Resource Centre:

Phone: 03 9843 2000