Disability Engagement e-learning course

  • Rapidly equip your team with the confidence and skills to interact positively with all people
  • Ensure everyone knows their roles and responsibilities under the Disability Discrimination Act
  • Meet your organisation’s disability access and inclusion objectives

Rapid, low-cost training that delivers results

See the Person is a high-quality, 45-minute online learning module that can be easily accessed via an online LMS/portal login and enables learners to:

  • Challenge myths and stereotypes often linked to people with a disability
  • Learn from people who have a range of disabilities
  • Create welcoming environments through the use of appropriate language and behaviour
  • Understand how to make “reasonable adjustments” to meet legal obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act
  • Access further information and resources for ongoing learning and support

The Scope difference

All of our training is designed and presented by people living with disability. Your staff will hear real-life stories and engage with a range of interactive, thought-provoking activities.