Training services

Offering a range of training solutions for you and your staff, we can tailor the training to meet your business needs, enabling you to meet corporate social responsibility goals. Flexible training options are available, face to face or online.

Disability awareness training

Provide your employees with the skills to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone. The sessions are led by people with lived experience of disability, providing first-hand experiences and insights. Employees will come away from the training with a greater awareness of the Social Model of Disability and the importance of using inclusive language. They will also learn how to interact with people living with disability respectfully and with confidence. Read more about our elearning training courses here.

Accessible information training

Did you know 44% of Australians have low English literacy?

For some people with disability, those from CALD backgrounds and some elderly people, reading and understanding information such as bills and online forms can be stressful. By making your written information accessible and inclusive, you will enable everyone to understand your information more easily. We will teach you how to simplify your information and translate it into accessible formats such as plain language and Easy English. Our interactive training, using best practice principles, will give you the knowledge and skills you need to create accessible communications for your customers. Read more about Accessible information here.

Communication access training

Did you know that 1 in 7 Australians will have a communication difficulty at some stage in their life?

Communication Access is when people are respectful and responsive to individuals with communication difficulties, and when strategies and resources are used to support successful communication. It is fundamental to creating services that are fully accessible to all customers.

Our training, delivered by Speech Pathologists and Trainers with lived experience of communication disability will equip your employees with tools and strategies to ensure they can communicate with all customers and lead the way in accessible and inclusive services. Training may be delivered as part of equipping your service to achieve the Communication Access Symbol. Learn more about Communication Access here.

Mealtime Management Training

Equip your staff to deliver high quality care and support to your customers by giving them the skills they need to succeed.

Scope can provide your organisation with customised Mealtime Management Training to develop your staff’s competency, while ensuring compliance with the latest NDIS practice standards and policy.

Learn more about Mealtime Management Training here.

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