Access and Inclusion for Schools


Scope delivers tailored support and therapy services for school staff, students and their families. Our team of therapists will come to you. Spending time at the school and understanding the diverse needs within your population will help us tailor solutions specific to your school.

Scope works with individuals or groups. Our programs are designed to:

  • Increase participation and involvement in activities.
  • Create plans to support learning.
  • Assist in the transition process for students taking the next step in their education.
  • Offer education and training for parents, carers and staff.
  • Provide advice on accessibility, specialist equipment and other resources to school staff and students.
  • Increase students’ access to learning and participation.

Scope can also deliver accessibility and inclusion training to your school’s teachers, support staff and other members of the workforce. Our team of experienced educators deliver high quality training to schools and community organisations. We will empower you and your team to break down barriers to inclusion for people with disabilities and in doing so, provide positive and meaningful outcomes for your school environment.