Help support people with disability to achieve their goals in life.

A few years ago, Sheryl felt the darkness closing in. She was angry all the time, pushed life-long friends away and had trouble expressing her emotions.

Art was her escape. And when you saw her work, you saw her pain. Dark colours. Furious strokes. Unformed shapes.

But with love, patience and the right support, something beautiful happened. Slowly, her paintings became brighter. And as Sheryl healed from her past traumas, the colours in her art went from dark to light.

You already know just how transformative our programs can be. Even something as simple as an art class can change lives for the better.

The action you take now will help support people with disability to achieve their goals in life.

To know Sheryl is to love her.

She is creative, passionate and values her friends above all else. She’s also an accomplished painter.

It’s something she’s been doing since she first came to us as a baby in the 1960s. Today, whenever she has bad thoughts – whenever those ‘dark colours’ try to come out – Sheryl paints to calm her mind and understand her emotions.

“The darkness is always going to trouble me. But through my art, through my writing, through my music, I know it’s going to help.”

We will always be there for Sheryl. And we know you will too.

Please donate today so we can continue to support people with disabilities through our suite of tailored services.

With your ongoing support we can:

  • Provide therapy to people of all ages including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology and positive behaviour support.
  • Find the right accommodation so that people with disability can live the life they choose.
  • Find ways for people to share and socialise with or without words.
  • Help people into inclusive employment.
  • Create community connection through art, sport, social activities or learning new skills.