Thank you for registering to host your very own Silent Morning Tea!

We look forward to seeing lots of photos and posts on social media about what a great event you’ve had and how you’ve had the chance to learn more about AAC.

To help with your Silent Morning Tea, we are providing you with some promotional material and choices of games to play, with instructions and communication boards included.

Got questions? Check out our FAQ page here, or email Scope at

Happy Silent Morning Tea!

Download resources

Hosting a Silent Morning Tea
SMT Key word sign
SMT communication board with text
SMT communication board with images
SMT alphabet board
Silent Morning Tea A3 Poster
Rock Paper Scissors Instructions
Odds and evens Instructions
Celebrity heads instructions

Organising Bingo

bingo blank grid
bingo with pictures
bingo with pictures child version
bingo list
bingo instructions
bingo grid text version