October is International AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) Awareness Month!

To celebrate and raise awareness, each year Scope runs a Silent Morning Tea.

I have been involved in hosting silent morning (and afternoon) teas for the past few years and I wanted to share my top 5 tips for hosting a successful one.

My top 5 silent morning tea tips

  1.  Get people excited and interested in the silent morning tea.
    Send out an invitation and encourage people to download a free communication app prior to the event to help them chat on the day. Some great free apps for iPad include – Verbally, Sono Flex Lite, or Text to Speech.smt invitation
  2. Have AAC options ready for people to play with
    Having some simple alternative communication options for people to explore and use can be a great way to spread awareness about AAC.
    Try having a few communication boards, community request cards or even a simple voice output device that can record messages and be played during your silent morning tea.
    You can use single or sequential message devices such as a Step by Step or iTalk2 device to record a welcome message, a joke or to answer during games you may play (for example, have people record “Bingo!” and play a game of Speech BINGO!).speech + device
  3. Invite people with complex communication needs to your event. Include people who use AAC in your morning tea!Scope employs a number of Educators with a lived experience of disabilities that love telling people their story to school groups, services and corporate clients so that they “see the person, not the disability”.
    Laughs are allowed at a Silent Morning Tea!

    Laughs are allowed at a Silent Morning Tea!

  4. Have a prize for the winner.
    People love to know they can win a prize from a quick game. You could have a coffee mug, chocolates..
    In addition, we used Tools2Talk+ to make these stickers that we’ll be handing out on the day!

    Created using the Tools2Talk+ app

    Created using the Tools2Talk+ app

  5. Make sure you have plenty of yummy food to enjoy!
    Have a great Silent Morning Tea and Happy AAC Awareness Month for October!
These blackberry and fig brownies went down a treat last year!

These blackberry and fig brownies went down a treat last year!

Make sure you check out our Scope Silent Morning Tea page. You can officially register your Silent Morning Tea and receive a link to download our resources, ideas and games to play on the day.

Make sure you take heaps of photos of your Silent Morning Tea and use the hashtag #SMT2016 so we can find you!

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