• Depending on the location, services will gradually transfer between March and June  2019.

  • Scope is committed to delivering services of high quality.

    We are working closely with the Victorian Government to ensure continuity of service.

    The first thing we’ll be doing is listening and learning from you, your families, your support staff, and their representatives, who are transferring – to ensure we understand your hopes, concerns, and goals. We particularly recognise the existing work and quality of staff as well as the relationship you share with them. We will seek to harness these strengths.

    Your safety and wellbeing is important to us and our policies and procedures help us keep this commitment – from recruitment  and training of staff, and supervision – it’s a fundamental part of our service.

  • Our approach to the transfer will be guided by the Scope Approach, a set of strongly embedded values that define our organisation. Foremost of these is “See the Person” – this is the heart of Scope, the conviction in the “personhood” of each individual, regardless of disability.”

    For more information about our approach – read About Scope.

  • We have extensive experience as a provider of shared supported accommodation and respite services and we’re transforming these services under the NDIS to deliver more choice and control.

    We believe every person has the right to live the life they want and can achieve their goals with the right support.

    We want to support you to be more independent, explore your interests and participate in your community.

    We have the right experience, expertise and resources to support you and your families to make this happen.

  • We are committed to listen and learn.

    Together with Government, we’ll meet with you and your family in your home.

    We’ll start with group meetings but you will also have the opportunity to have one-on-one meetings so we can get to know you better, and have time to discuss all your hopes, concerns, and needs.

    Of course, we’ll be working closely with the Government to make sure we have key information and documents about how to support you.

    We’ll be working with your House Supervisors and staff as well, and listening to them.

  • The disability services staff at your house will not change as a result of the transfer. All disability services staff, including House Supervisors, will be seconded to Scope.

  • You can contact Scope on our dedicated hotline for participants, families and representatives.  Call 1800 072 673  Monday- Friday, 8 am – 7pm.

    We will also come to meet with you before the transfer, or in a one-on-one interaction. You will be provided with details of the scheduled communications and engagement events in advance.