Working at Scope

Scope is an organisation with a great work environment and a variety of career development opportunities.

Scope believes our people are one of our greatest assets. The successful recruitment and retention of staff is vital to our continuing success.

Our culture is dynamic and promotes high standards of accountability. Across the entire organisation our people are focused on the people we support and value excellent service, innovation and continuous improvement.

It all stems back to our commitment – The Scope Approach and our staff are passionate about it. Staff surveys tell us that over 90 per cent of our people believe in our purpose, the work we do and are committed to the organisation.

What our people say about working at Scope

Some of the strengths of Scope that were identified by our people following our recent employee opinion survey included:

Teamwork – Scope has a strong culture of sharing skills and experience; working together to achieve the same goals

Job Satisfaction –I feel a sense of accomplishment; am happy to come to work

Positive relationships – With the people we support and co-workers

Role Clarity – We understand what we are here to do

Variety in work – The work is different each day

Work/life Balance – Working part-time ensures I have a work/life balance

Work Life Balance

At Scope we know that people have different commitments and that everyone’s situation is unique. In providing a work life balance, we do our best to accommodate each person’s specific needs and provide a flexible work environment. This includes part-time employment and a Purchased Leave Scheme.

Salary Packaging

Taxation laws provide significant tax concessions for employees of not-for-profit organisations.  One such concession is an exemption from Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT). This means that we can pay/reimburse your personal expenses without any tax up to $16,050 per year tax free. This amount is in addition to your normal tax-free threshold for salary.

When you salary package, money is deducted ‘off the top’ of your salary (i.e. the deduction is made ‘pre-tax’).  You only pay tax on the remaining portion of your salary, not the salary packaged money. As a result, the tax you pay each fortnight is significantly reduced. The tax saved is a permanent tax saving; you are never taxed on the salary packaging money. This is the tax law.

Communications & Involvement

It’s essential that we work together as one organisation. Thoughts, opinions and ideas are always welcome.  We encourage feedback from across Scope. The result is an open, democratic environment where initiatives and information are shared in line with The Scope Approach.

Health, wellbeing and occupational health & safety

We strive to provide a healthy and safe work environment. Our Occupational Health & Safety team promotes a proactive safety culture within Scope. We do it safely.

Employee Assistance Program

We provide counselling and support services to our employees through an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  EAP provides employees with free confidential support and advice for workplace and personal issues.

Purchased Leave Scheme

Our Purchased Leave Scheme (48/52) gives you the opportunity to purchase up to four weeks additional leave on top of your existing four week Annual Leave entitlement. The Scheme is designed to assist you with personal commitments (eg care of children, studying or those wishing to take additional leave for other purposes, such as travel, etc) if you find that the four weeks annual leave currently provided is insufficient to meet your requirements.

All staff appointments are subject to a satisfactory Australian Police Check and an International Police check where required.

Scope is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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