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Scope has partnered with the NDIA to conduct research on capacity building to achieve participants’ home and living goals.

The NDIA and Scope have now released this report, titled ‘Having a go: Exploring the use of supports to make individualised living a reality’.

The report involved NDIS participants, family and carers who were able to contribute their first-hand experiences, as well as staff within the disability sector.

Four key insights were revealed, to illustrate how we can help NDIS participants work towards achieving their home and living goals:

  1. Providing opportunities for participants to explore home and living options early and at different life stages.
  2. Enabling participants to have a go at trialling different options increases their confidence and shifts expectations.
  3. Formal and informal supports to build, practice and maintain skills increases the home and living options available to participants.
  4. Flexible NDIS plans can support participants to build capacity at different stages in their life.

In addition to informing the disability sector, this research comes as part of the NDIA’s broader commitment to developing new approaches to home and living.

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