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Hiring people with disabilities is good for business. It helps you create a more diverse workforce, which has a positive impact on everything from your workplace culture to your bottom line.

Indeed, countless research studies have found that diversity in the workplace leads to greater productivity and fresh perspectives. Not only that, but it enhances your brand reputation and ensures your business reflects the communities you serve.

Not sure where to start? Scope is here to help you build an all-abilities workforce.

Through our recruitment services, we’ll help you find the perfect person for the job — plus, we provide ongoing training and support to ensure your new recruits achieve their full potential.


Are you a small to medium sized business within the hospitality and tourism sector?

Ensuring your staff are as diverse as the community you serve is good business.

In our guide, we unpack the most common questions about hiring a person with a disability.

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Your recruitment journey with Scope

  • We listen and learn about your company’s needs
    First, we help you identify skills and role gaps within your organisation, and develop a recruitment plan that responds to your unique needs.
  • We put forward the perfect candidate
    As specialists who know our people well, you can have confidence in any candidates we put forward. We then facilitate an introduction or interview for you to get to know them a little better.
  • We identify any upskilling required and tailor a plan
    You tell us what a new starter needs to know, and we support them to build these skills as they enter your team. We will also support you with helpful information on making the experience fully inclusive for your new hire.
  • You make a formal offer
    Following the trial period, you can make a formal offer. We can help here, with information regarding awards and pay rates. We’re on-call to answer any contract or pay-related paperwork for you and your new hire.
  • 52 weeks of ongoing support
    Your dedicated Scope Employment Consultant is only a phone call away. You can choose the level of support required — and for how long.

Making your workplace ready

As part of our recruitment services, Scope can come in and make any modifications needed for your new recruit. For example, they may need a sit-stand desk, wheelchair access or ergonomic furniture.

We provide these modifications at no cost to you.

Ready to build your all-abilities workforce?

Get in touch with Scope to see how we can support your organisation’s unique needs.

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