5 ways to use the Book Creator app

A Speechie’s perspective

BookCreator app

Book Creator has been around for a while now and is one of my ‘go – to’ apps. Book Creator is intuitive and easy to use. It allows you to create your own books and add text and photos from your camera roll. You can also add video and sound to make interactive books for the iPad. Books can then be exported as interactive iBooks on the iOS devices, or saved as YouTube clips or PDFs for printing.

Gemma’s top 5 ways to use Book Creator

Books for speech and language goals

Speechies love to use books to work on a range of speech and language goals. I have created books about concepts such as ‘in’ and ‘on’ by taking photos of toys in different places. I’ve made books to teach ‘he’ and ‘she’ using Peppa Pig and the Ninja Turtles. Book Creator is a quick and easy way to do this and I have access to the books when I am out and about!

Here's a book I made to work on the ‘m’ sound
Here’s a book I made to work on the ‘m’ sound

Book about Me and personal histories

A Book about Me is a great tool to introduce somebody to a new person they don’t know very well. It has photos and information about a person’s life, how to communicate with them and support people consistently. Use the camera on the iPad to take photos or videos with the person and write their story. You can even include videos of how the person likes to be supported or how they do their own key word signs. It can be shared on the individual’s iPad or can be printed into a hard copy.

ipad images4
Here’s a book I made about Will, to help people understand how he likes to communicate
ipad images5
Here’s a book I made that demonstrated how a person I support uses particular signs

Social stories™

As a speech pathologist, I write lots of social stories for children and adults with a disability. Anything from ‘staying calm’ to ‘sleeping in my own bed’ to ‘wearing my undies’ can be created in Book Creator. Take your own photos or save pictures from Google Images to enhance the story.

ipad 77
Here’s a book I made to teach how to share

Play idea books

My occupational therapy colleagues and I often take photos of toys and games. We use Book Creator to make books with ideas for how to use these toys to work on speech, language, fine motor skills, and play based goals for children and their families. They provide a visual guide for parents and carers. Book creator allows us to make these with families during therapy sessions.

ipad images3
Here’s a book an Occupational Therapist and I made to work on fine motor skills and language goals in a session
ipad images6
A very popular book that teaches the concepts of ‘in’ and ‘out’!

Photo books and chat books

Book Creator also has a function that allows you to create photo books. Photo books can be used as a way of sharing news for people with a communication difficulty. With messages added about each photo, it’s a great way to start up a conversation with a child or adult with a communication difficulty.

ipad images
Here’s a page from a chat book that was designed by a support worker

The BookCreator app is currently available on the iPad for $7.99 on the App Store. You can buy it here.