Balloon footy season update

The exciting BFL season so far, as told by full-forward for the Bombers, Matt Rodda

Author Matt Rodda charges forward in attack for Bendigo

Wow! What a start to the season!

The Blues are so far dominating this year in first place with the Doggies running a close second …but only just!

The Blues are three points clear on top of the ladder followed by both the Dogs and Kangaroos (formerly ‘The Magic’) just three points behind.

This has been possibly the closest competition we’ve had since starting in 2012 with only three points separating the top two teams.

It’s going to be a nail biter as we edge towards the pointy-end of the season.

Who will take the grand prize?

Game highlights

We have had two thrilling games in successive weeks! One between the Jets and the Blues and one between the Giants and the Saints!

Individual highlights include Jye Yates’ brilliant goals, Marney Lamb’s improvement in the ruck and Johnny Spiers’ outstanding ability to defend. James Kerr has been solid in defence as well as Jason Grose.

Michelle Smiley has got the ability to get her teammates into the game, which is the main reason why the Blues are on top.

Competition is hot because we’ve selected 20 people to try out for the state team for the coming weeks. We will then pick 10 individual players to represent Bendigo in the state team to play Melbourne.

Author Matt Rodda celebrates after scoring a goal!

The ladder

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