Scope GoKids

Giving Children Independence, Choice and Control

Last month I was privileged to see a child being fitted with a Hart Walker. The smile on their face while exploring their environment, as if for the first time, was eye-opening, their enthusiasm shone through and their energy could be felt throughout the room.

Scope GoKids is a service that provides support and equipment for children with a range of mobility needs. However, the GoKids service is much more than expert advice and support, providing children with independence and control in their environment.

A fitting of the David Hart Walker taking place

Before attending the fitting at Scope GoKids I never knew what a Hart Walker was or the way it could help a child with a disability, such as cerebral palsy.

A Hart Walker allows a child to experience independent walking and for their hands to be free to touch and interact with their surroundings. It gives them the opportunity to be on the same level as their peers, communicate, interact and participate with family and friends.

This specialised equipment is also customised to a child’s individual needs and has many adjustments so that it can be modified and ‘grow’ with them.


Seeing the effect a Hart Walker can have in a child’s life is truly amazing.

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By Fiona Kiffin

Scope’s Fundraising Team