Spotlight on Keziah Glenane and her dog ‘Rusty’

2017 Telescope writing award winner

‘My dog Rusty’ was the latest piece by author Keziah Glenane, which she submitted to the annual Telescope writing competition. Keziah won first place for her piece in the non-fiction category. Of her win Keziah said “I am very excited, I have never won anything like this before”.

Keziah accepting the prestigious Telescope award
Keziah accepting the prestigious Telescope award

Keziah loves to write and has a whole book filled with her stories. Her favourite things to write about are family, holidays, and love. In her spare time Keziah works both in retail and as a waitress. She also enjoys watching DVDs, scrapbooking, going to the football, and seeing friends (at the pub).

The subject of Keziah’s piece was her recently passed Maltese Shitzu, Rusty. Keziah’s moving depiction of a bond between a dog and its owner had the audience in tears at the recent Telescope readings and awards event. In an exclusive interview Keziah stated “I am happy that he had a good life with me”.

Keziah described her first meeting with Rusty when she found him at the pound, “he looked at me and said, take me home”. She fondly remembers how he would sit on her lap and go to sleep. The large circle of Keziah’s family and friends who all played a part in caring for Rusty, will always love him.

Keziah wrote her story “by hand with a pen” with her mum filling the important role of proof reader, “she’s the best” Keziah emphasised. When asked why she chose to write about this subject Keziah noted “when I am feeling sad about something I need to write it down”. She also asked Rusty for his blessing before writing the piece, “do you mind if I write about you?”. Of course, Rusty was fine with it and Keziah thinks that he “would be happy I won”.

Keziah said that she didn’t want people to feel sad that Rusty has passed, but rather “think about what your dog is saying to you”. ‘My dog Rusty’ is an important reminder to readers of the responsibility they have to their pets. “I want people to think about their pets and make sure that they are really looked after”.

Keziah and her dog
The bond between an owner and her dog. Keziah with Rusty

We can hopefully look forward to reading more pieces by Keziah, who is considering entering the competition again as it was a fun thing to do and she loved to win!

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