That’s entertainment!

It's all fun and games at Scope supported independent living homes

We’ve been exploring creative ways to have fun at home. Read on for some great ideas from customers and staff on how to keep busy and enjoy this time.

Green thumbs and birthday celebrations

Nick, Craig, and Jacob are celebrating Nick's birthday, wearing party hats and standing around a rainbow piñata. A garland of colourful balloons has been hung along the wall behind them. Nick is using a stick to hit the piñata.

Customers at this home are full of ideas. From chalk drawing on the pavement to puzzles, movie marathons, and board games, there’s no shortage of things to do.

Housemate Craig’s favourite so far was a day spent working in the garden with some of the other residents.

The housemates even threw a birthday party for fellow resident Nick.

Jacob said celebrating his friend’s birthday was a highlight. “I liked helping to plan the party and seeing Nick happy.”

Says House Supervisor Eloise, “It’s been great to see friendships strengthen.”

Not your average bingo game

Creativity and resourcefulness have come together in a new afternoon tradition at this home. It’s one of almost 30 activity ideas staff and customers thought up to ward off boredom and make sure there was something for everybody.

Dimitria and Elizabeth are sitting at their dining table playing a homemade version of bingo. Dimitria is concentrating on her bingo mat and moving a marker made of a milk bottle lid. Elizabeth is laughing and looking at the camera while reaching across the table for something out of frame.

Using homemade bingo mats and milk bottle lids, these housemates enjoy bingo afternoons together. But don’t be fooled – this isn’t your usual bingo game.

Crafty support worker Patricia made themed bingo mats using colours, animals, or sports to suit each players’ passions.

Having a good time

Housemates Stephen, Angela, and Cam love to have a laugh and a good time. So, it’s no surprise that when choosing what to do while at home, activities like karaoke and quoits were in high demand.

Angela and Cam are playing quoits in their home. They are using wheelchairs. Angela has just thrown her ring and missed the spikes. Cam is laughing and has his ring in his hand ready to take his turn next.

Stephen has enjoyed having a boogie, sharing “I loved dancing and having a good time.”

“At first, we just wanted to help take their mind off the coronavirus. With everyone’s ideas, it’s grown into something more exciting. Everyone has been having a blast!” says Coordinator Talia.

Songbird Angela says, “I loved singing during karaoke!”

Staff and customers partnering up for an afternoon of mini-golf also resulted in many laughs.

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