Early Years

25 Mar 2019

Supportive relationships might be the most important resource in your parenting toolbox

Parents Vanessa and Dean talk about how building a network of support helped them navigate through their child’s disability.

26 Oct 2018

Opening up a world of opportunity

Meet Patricia Kasongo, a single mother of two children with autism. She's certainly faced many obstacles. Here is her story.

16 Jul 2018

Fix Me – Lessons from an Early Childhood Therapists

A holistic approach to childhood therapy is about far more than fixing ‘a problem’. Therapy supports a child to feel that they are valued just as they are.

5 Jul 2018

Understanding childhood development

Your child’s relationships, nutrition, environment and playtime have an important role. It is important to understand childhood development.

7 Nov 2017

How to Make a Non-electronic Communication Aid for your child

Communicating is more than simply talking. Here we look into non-electronic, paper-based communication aids, what to use them for and what to put on them.

30 Mar 2017

How can we better support people with Autism?

Scope encourages people to better understand Autism Spectrum Disorder and ensure people with ASD feel included and treated as equals in society.