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2 Jan 2018

Shout about your Easy English communications!

People with low English literacy are an important part of your target audience and you’ve created Easy English documents to address their needs.

12 Dec 2017

Carmen’s top communication tips

Imagine being ignored by people because they don’t understand what you have said. For Carmen, this is her everyday reality as she has Cerebral Palsy.

5 Dec 2017

How to use the Key Word Sign Australia App

Key Word Sign is used by people with communication difficulties to support language development, understanding, and help get their message across.

29 Nov 2017

A giant success

21 Nov 2017

Spotlight on Kim Manly

14 Nov 2017

Using Picture Story Books with Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Core vocabulary is a small amount of simple words that are used very frequently in our everyday language. Includes words such as: want, that, mine, you etc.

7 Nov 2017

How to Make a Non-electronic Communication Aid for your child

31 Oct 2017

5 Ways with Visual Supports

People with communication difficulties benefit from visual supports. It supports their understanding of expected behaviour or as reminder to complete tasks.

24 Oct 2017

Monash libraries set to break down barriers for people with disability

5 of City of Monash’s libraries are set to break down the barriers and create brand new opportunities for Monash citizens with complex communication needs.

17 Oct 2017

Celebrating AAC Awareness month with Silent Morning Tea

It’s International AAC Awareness Month! Every year we mark the occasion by encouraging people to get together to share a Silent Morning Tea.