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30 May 2017

Highlights from AGOSCI National conference 2017

Highlights from the AGOSCI National conference 2017 from Scope’s Communication and Inclusion resource centre's team.  

23 May 2017

Taking AACtion on health literacy

Scope’s takes us through the positive steps you can take as a health provider and a consumer. There are many steps to take as a health provider and consumer

17 May 2017

What do children really think about their communication aids?

Scope Speech Pathologist, Georgia Burn shares her experiences of talking to children about their non-electronic communication aids to find out if the aids.

16 May 2017

You can make Key Word Sign happen in your workplace

Singaporean speech Pathologist Eva Loh Wei Lyn learned about the Key Word Sign and shares her experiences of implementing Key Word Sign within her workplace

11 May 2017

Speak Up and be Safe from Abuse

The Department of Health and Human Services and Scope have developed a project to enable people with communication difficulties to identify and report abuse

9 May 2017

What’s hot at AGOSCI National conference 2017?

Karen Bloomberg takes us through her  tips on what’s hot at this year's AGOSCI conference held in Melbourne.

2 May 2017

Scope GoKids

Scope GoKids provides support and equipment for children with a range of mobility needs.Scope’s Fundraising team attended a fitting of a Hart Walker.

26 Apr 2017

5 MORE tips to seeing the person and not the disability

Zane McKenzie presents five tips aim to help you feel more confident in speaking to people with a disability with a focus on better communication.

18 Apr 2017

The new way we’re helping Speech Pathologists

Speech Pathologist Georgia Burn shares her experience of working for Scope’s Communication and Inclusion Resource Centre’s Practice Support service.

11 Apr 2017

Do you want to be the next Telescope winner?

Telescope provides a platform for writers to have exposure for their work and for readers to indulge in the unique voices of writers with disability.