Scope Blog

1 Aug 2018

Scope Turns 70

Scope turns 70 and it’s time to celebrate! Established in 1948 by a group of families seeking support for their children with cerebral palsy.

31 Jul 2018

Artworks bring joy during station upgrades

When the Main Street Traders and LXRA wanted to put a smile on the faces of their local community during their station upgrades who did they call? Scope!

31 Jul 2018

Roaming Ranch: My dream come true

My name is Hannah Brown. I am almost 25 years old and currently live at Scope Brocka Avenue short term accommodation in Belmont.

31 Jul 2018

MiSO, a new measurement online tool

MiSO is an online app that enables service providers to measure the impact and outcomes of their services for people with a disability.

23 Jul 2018

Accessible written information for people with intellectual disability

Providing information that is accessible to people with disability is important as it enables people to be informed and in turn to exercise choice.

19 Jul 2018

Shining the spotlight on communication disabilities

AAC is for those who can't rely on speech to get their message across. It has strategies and tools like Key Word Sign and non-electronic communication aids.

16 Jul 2018

Fix Me – Lessons from an Early Childhood Therapists

A holistic approach to childhood therapy is about far more than fixing ‘a problem’. Therapy supports a child to feel that they are valued just as they are.

5 Jul 2018

Understanding childhood development

Your child’s relationships, nutrition, environment and playtime have an important role. It is important to understand childhood development.

6 Jun 2018

Helping genU become communication accessible?

Since 2016, Scope has been actively working with fellow disability services provider genU to make its services communication accessible.

29 May 2018

What puts the positive into Scope’s Positive Behaviour Support team?

The biggest positive in Scope’s Positive Behavior Support work is that the team members see the person and recognise that their actions serve a purpose.