Customised Employment: Job development and negotiation

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Customised Employment (CE) helps you find a job, follow a career path, and enjoy all the benefits that come from work by putting you – the jobseeker – at the centre of the job-creation process.

As we’ve explored previously, CE is delivered in four phases. First, you and your CE Scout explore your interests, skills and support needs in the Discovery phase. Then, you look at your job options in the Job Search Planning phase.

The third phase, which we explore below, is known as Job Development and Negotiation.

Building positive working relationships 

The Job Development and Negotiation phase is all about building positive relationships between you and your prospective employers. The goal here is to create employment opportunities in the open employment market, that are shaped to meet your needs and those of your new employer.

Let’s take a closer look at what this involves.

What to expect during the Job Development and Negotiation phase

Once you’ve narrowed down your field of interest in the Job Search Planning phase and landed on a shortlist of three or four places you’d like to work, your CE Scout will arrange informational interviews and work experience opportunities with these inclusive employers.

During this phase, your CE Scout will be right by your side. They’ll help you to:

  • Prepare for interviews, including the questions you’d like to ask, the clothes you’ll wear, and your communication strategy for the interview process
  • Meet with employers to discuss their needs – and your strengths – to find the best fit
  • Gain on-the-job experience through work experience with inclusive employers
  • Discuss details like work hours, job responsibilities, salary and dress code
  • Negotiate any other needs you have, such as working reduced hours or travelling in off-peak periods to avoid congested public transport
  • Make sure you have all the supports you need to succeed – like personal care, transport and communication – so you can shine in your new role

It’s all about building great relationships with your prospective employers. Indeed, an important part of your CE Scout’s role is to identify and coordinate an optimal fit between you and potential employers – as this forms the foundation of a successful and rewarding employment partnership.

What happens next?

By the end of this phase of the CE process, you’ll have hopefully landed yourself a job that is meaningful to you. The fourth and final phase is all about building and maintaining great relationships in your new workplace and plotting out your future career. Watch out for an upcoming article on this final Post-employment Support phase.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about CE or would like to meet one of our Scouts to start your own journey towards long-term employment, contact us today.