Introducing Customised Employment, a personalised pathway to a long-term job

Thinking about finding a job? The thought of entering the workforce can be daunting for some people. If you are a person with disability or you support someone with disability who is ready to start their employment journey, we can help find the right fit with Customised Employment.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all job. Every job and every person are unique. So, it makes sense to tackle the job-seeking process using an individually tailored approach. This is where Customised Employment comes in.

What is Customised Employment?

Customised Employment is an evidence-based system from the US that achieves great results in helping people with disability to gain and maintain employment. Scope is now proudly piloting the model here in Australia, in partnership with the Centre for Disability Employment Research and Practice and University of Melbourne.

The reason we’re throwing our support behind Customised Employment? It’s proven to help people with disability to find a long-term, secure job with an inclusive employer, that’s customised to your individual needs and backed up with the supports you need to help you succeed. As well as boosting your own independence, it can lead to better business outcomes for employers, too.

How does Customised Employment work?

It’s a one-on-one process that follows four phases – from an initial Discovery phase that’s all about exploring your interests, skills, and strengths, right through to Post-Employment Support to help you get the most from your job.

At every step of the way, you will work closely with one of our Customised Employment Scouts, who are all accredited by the Centre for Disability Employment Research and Practice (CDERP College). Think of your Scout as your employment support crew, there to help you get ready to enter the workforce with confidence. When you’re ready to start work, they will advocate on your behalf and match your skills to the needs of an employer.

Customised Employment is different from other disability employment programs. It’s less about finding any job you can do, and more about building your self-determination and confidence so you can find a job which fits your skills and interests, so you can thrive in open employment. With specialised training and smaller customer caseloads, Scope’s Customised Employment team delivers a high quality service.

Should you consider Customised Employment?

We believe everyone has a skill or passion they can contribute to the workforce. Customised Employment is a great alternative to the Disability Employment Services (DES) system, particularly if you have more complex needs or multiple disabilities.

It could be a good fit if you:

  • Want to work and are seeking long-term employment
  • Want personalised support to find and stay in the right role
  • Have employment goals in your NDIS plan

You can access Scope’s Customised Employment service if you have either NDIS or School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) funding under Capacity Building, “Finding and Keeping a Job”. If you’re not sure, our friendly team is always here to help.

Getting started with Customised Employment

Customised Employment is all about matching you with a role that will help you to realise your full potential. We want you to love what you do, and the people you work with.

To learn more about how Scope can help you or a loved one look for work with Customised Employment, contact us today.