Around the world

Not being able to travel hasn't stopped these housemates from getting a taste of cultures around the world.

In early 2020, as our worlds started getting a lot smaller, customers and staff at this Supported Independent Living home started cooking up a way to satisfy their wanderlust.

Housemates John, Jayden, Len, and Nick each picked the top 3 countries they’d like to visit, and then got to work organising themed nights based on their choices.

For each themed night they decide on a menu – entree, main, dessert and drinks – that the country is famous for. They research traditional music, costumes, customs and dancing, and then start preparing.

So where have they been?


Irish night saw the guys looking up videos of Riverdance’s Michael Flatley and jigging around the lounge room.

“That was a good night,” says Jayden. “I liked dancing and I dressed up in Irish clothes. I tried a little bit of Baileys Irish Cream and I enjoyed that.”

Four men are raising their wine glasses in a toast. They are wearing tee shirts with the Croatian flag. The room is decorated with the flag and streamers in the flag colours of red, white, and blue. In front of them is a dining table decorated with mini flags and a sticker that says 'I love Croatia'.


Croatian night was John’s choice as he has Croatian heritage and would like to visit the country one day. He chose most of the food for the menu and shared his knowledge of Croatia and its history over dinner.

Four men are raising their wine glasses in a toast. The two men in the middle are sitting at the dining table, with a man standing either side of them. They are wearing red neck scarves, black berets and fake moustaches. The table is decorated like a French bistro with a red checked tablecloth. There is a cheese platter in the middle of the table.


For French night, the housemates sat down to a magnifique three course dinner of traditional French cuisine served by waiters (aka staff), as French music played in the background. The menu included French cheese, coq au vin, macarons and of course, champagne. Everyone looked très chic in their coordinating French outfits, complete with berets.

“I loved the music,” shared John when asked what his favourite part of the night was.

Four men are sitting at a dining table smiling for the camera sitting at a dining table decorated with a red and blue tablecloth with white stars. They are all wearing basketball jerseys. The room is decorated with a USA flag and balloons in the flag colours of red, white, and blue.

United States of America:

The most recent trip was to the USA, with a fun night competing in a themed quiz, shooting hoops, and singing (American Pie by Don McLean, of course).

“I played some basketball. I was very good. I got about twenty goals – that’s heaps,” reports Nick.

Jayden was a fan of the matching costumes the residents organised. “I wore a white basketball top which was nice.”

All the guys enjoyed the American-themed food, “We had a hamburger and chips, fried chicken and coleslaw, and apple pie and ice cream. And I tried American beers – Budweiser. I liked them,” says Jayden.

“Great food! I really enjoyed myself. My favourite part was dessert,” said John.

Staff member Norelle says plans for more adventures are already underway.

“The guys had a meeting about it just the other day. The next night will celebrate India, which is Nick’s choice, followed by China. It’s a lot of fun, and everyone loves it.”