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Being able to communicate enables us to share our thoughts, feelings, make choices, and to connect with people.

Now, thanks to Scope’s redeveloped Tools2Talk Now app, users will be able to create fabulous printable communication aids on the go wherever they are.

When you have difficulty communicating, it can be hard to express your wants and needs, communicate preferences, and fully participate in everyday events and activities. This is where the use of Scope’s Tools2Talk Now app is leading the way in helping people communicate. First developed in 2015 by Scope’s Communication and Inclusion Resource Centre (CIRC), this popular app has recently been upgraded thanks to the generous support of the Bowness Family Foundation.

For people like John, the new app, Tools2Talk Now, has been a life changer. Working together, John’s family, therapists, and support workers, have been able to create and print personalised communication tools to enable him to express his choices and wishes, and understand spoken language through the development of photo-based communication cards and books.

Communication resources developed by John’s support workers include visual choice making cards and step-by-step visual guides. As a result, John is now participating in activities of his choice and has become an active member of his community.

“The communication boards created with Tools2Talk have given John complete control over his choices, inspiring a newfound sense of confidence.” - Greg Di Maggio, House Supervisor.

Supporting people with communication disability

Supporting people with communication disability The Bowness Family Foundation has been supporting Scope for many years. With a focus on supporting people to achieve their goals, enabling two-way communication, and creating long-term benefits for the community, the Foundation has provided funding for key programs such as Kids Chat 2 You, the Go Kids Mobility Van, and most recently, the Tools2Talk Now app.

Funding from the Foundation enabled an update of the app’s operating software and the introduction of a range of new features improving efficiency and making it quicker and easier to use.

People like John now have access to over 35,000 communication symbols and images that can be included into the communication tools they need. Thanks to the generosity of the Bowness Family Foundation, people across Australia will now have access to an app that helps them create communication aids to enable individuals who have communication difficulties to have a voice and exercise their human rights.

“Communication is a fundamental human right, and we are pleased that our support has assisted people to express their needs and enjoy connection with others. These tools benefit families and our communities and we are confident that Scope will continue to embed the voice of lived experience in all aspects of product design, access, and use.” - Natasha Bowness, Chair, Bowness Family Foundation.

Therapy Inclusion

How Tools2Talk Now empowers individuals with speech and language challenges

Tools2Talk Now represents an innovative solution designed to empower individuals with speech and language challenges to communicate more effectively and independently. Developed with a focus on user-friendliness, Tools2Talk Now offers a range of customizable features and communication tools tailored to the unique needs of each user.

3 women using the tools2talk now app.


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Launching disability training for dietitians

Scope’s has partnered with Dietitians Australia to develop an eLearning module as part of their Introduction to Disability and Inclusion for Dietitians Evergreen course.