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Scope’s Tools2Talk Now app enables you to create customised communication tools in minutes.

With a huge range of templates, symbols, and lots of handy features, there are endless ways the app can be used. It saves people a lot of time and importantly provides quick and easy communication tools for people with communication needs.

Tools2Talk Now is used by a broad range of people including families and loved ones of people with disabilities, Disability Support Workers, teachers, staff at government departments, Speech Pathologists, therapists and others.

It is no secret that Speech Pathologists LOVE Tools2Talk Now, it enables them to whip up customised communication tools for clients during a session – increasing outcomes for the client.

We asked some Speech Pathologists for some top tips for using Tools2Talk Now and here is what they said.

"You can fit two images in one cell! Sometimes I might want to represent an idea that needs two images (e.g. Grandma’s house), it’s really handy that I can now use a photo of 'grandma', and a symbol for ‘house’ to represent this. I also love that I can rotate the images, I often rotate an arrow image to point to where I need it to. The 'first and then' template is also really handy. You can bring it up in the middle of a therapy session, and have a customised first/then board in minutes!"

Liz Weston, Speech Pathologist

"You have the ability to use a range of different images. You can use the large library of Picture Communication Symbols (which you can also download for offline use), a photo in the moment or an image from your gallery. This is perfect for updating communication aids for clients (e.g. updating a visual timetable) and developing new aids with specific images (e.g. a photo of a client's adaptive equipment or preferred items). I love that a communication tool can be customised in the community when you are with a client and their family."

Catherine Wilton, Speech Pathologist

Ready to start using Tools2Talk Now? Head to the Google Play or Apple Store, there is a two-week free trial available. If you are after licenses for a business, school or organisation, please contact [email protected] to enquire about volume purchasing.


Giving people the ‘Tools 2 Talk’

Being able to communicate enables us to share our thoughts, feelings, make choices, and to connect with people. Now, thanks to Scope’s redeveloped Tools2Talk Now app, users will be able to create fabulous printable communication aids on the go wherever they are.

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