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SDA Design Category
The SDA design category for this house is Non-SDA

Popular indoor activities include watching sport, games, movies, music, and jigsaw puzzles, which are often displayed as artwork on the walls.

Enjoy scenic country drives in the bus and picnics.

Develop independent living skills.

Local free weekend attractions that are inclusive and accessible.

Public Transport

Buses nearby

Property Features

  • Beautiful atrium with large windows and views of greenery outside
  • Spacious open plan kitchen, dining and living area
  • TVs and DVD’s in each bedroom
  • Outdoor sheltered area and trampoline
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Hi-lo beds and options for overhead hoists
  • Accessible bathrooms with hoisting equipment, shower seats and a hi-lo bath

Your Support Team

  • Staff are trained in epilepsy management
  • Swallowing and dietary needs
  • Dual disability support
  • Behaviour support management
  • Manual handling and hoist operation

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