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SIL Provider

A supported independent Living (SIL) provider offers tailored support and assistance within the home to help you live independently. This includes things such as Personal care, cooking, cleaning.

SDA Provider

A Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) provider is responsible for things such as collecting rent and organising maintenance of the SDA enrolled dwelling, they may or may not be the landlord.

SDA Design Category
The SDA design category for this house is Non-SDA
Support model

This is the type of assistance provided overnight within the home. There is both Active (‘Active Night’) and Inactive (‘Sleepover’) funding available and this is determined based on your needs.

7 days active night support
Vacancies available
1 vacancy
Current residents

Villawood villas are a group of neighbouring homes to a fantastic group of individuals, 4 male, aged between 45 & 50 years old. They are friendly, energetic men, who are happy to share communal areas but like their private spaces. Their interests are games of all types, card, video or board. Others like cultural arts and crafts, visiting Featherdale, Cooking, and singing to music. The neighbours are looking for someone who has similar interests and is friendly. They should also be respectful of other's boundaries and their own.

  • 603m to the nearest shopping centre at Villawood Shopping centre, Howatt Street.
  • 6km to the nearest hospital at Liverpool Hospital, Burnside Drive, Liverpool.
  • 1km to the nearest park at Thurina Park, Lowana Street.
  • 550m to the nearest medical practice (GP) at Villawood Medical Centre, Woodville Road.
  • Close to community centre and Villawood Hotel.
Public Transport
  • 564m to the nearest train station at Villawood Station.
  • 373m to the nearest bus stop at Woodville Road.

Property Features

  • Five, 1-bedroom modern self-contained units.
  • Each unit has a lounge/dining area, bedroom, laundry and kitchen with appliances.
  • The vacancy is in the self-contained unit.
  • Communal living/dining area for activities.
  • Single unit heating and cooling.
  • The gated yard is enclosed.
  • Outdoor BBQ.
  • Large lawn and garden space
  • CCTV

Please note:

  • Reasonable Rent Contribution as set by the NDIA. (25% of the base Disability Support Pension + the maximum Rental Assistance per fortnight)

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