Research Project

The 1 in 4 Poll

The 1 in 4 Poll is a national survey on the issues of importance to people with a disability and their families, undertaken in partnership with Deakin University.

Separate polls were conducted on the topics of social inclusion and negative attitudes from others experienced by people with disability. The poll has assisted to understand these issues, from the perspective of people with disability directly. Unlike other survey methods, the 1 in 4 Poll used an accessible online format, meaning that more people with a range of abilities could provide their own information about topics important to them.

Findings from the project are being used to advocate for the needs of people with disability, for influencing government policy at a state and national level and for more targeted action for improved outcomes for people with disability. The project has also established a data set that will provide regular and reliable information from and about people with a disability in Australia.

This project was funded by through an ARC Linkage grant.

 Poll 1 information sheets – Social Inclusion

Poll 2 information sheet – Negative Attitudes

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