Services for Individuals

From therapy to communication services to accommodation support and recreation & leisure services, Scope services for individuals with a disability will cater to all your needs.

Our approach to services

See the Person, Do it Together, Do it Right, and Do it Better

One of the fundamental differences between Scope and other disability service providers is the ‘Scope Approach’.

The Scope Approach is the set of values that guides our organisation. Our employees embrace the Scope Approach and have done so since 2007.

These four principles represent our commitment to provide outstanding support services to people with a disability and their families.

How we deliver services

At Scope, it’s all about you and your requirements. It’s never a one-size-fits-all solution when you are at Scope.

Once we understand your needs and goals, our team will listen to what you want to do, and will put together a step-by-step plan that is just right for you.

Exploring possibilities, working through challenges, and celebrating your wins is what makes our day.

We have teams of experts with specialist knowledge, and our staff are trained and experienced in supporting people with a wide range of disabilities, including people with complex needs.

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