Customised Employment

Experience the difference of Scope Customised Employment. We take the time to work with you, so you can work.

Are you considering a job, a career or even a business of your own where you and your support needs are understood?

Our Customised Employment approach is designed to build your confidence and give you more control so you can choose the right employment outcome for you.

Scope’s certified Customised Employment Scouts take the time to understand you, your family and support situation. We help you to discover your career interests, strengths, skills, and support needs, and explore your best employment options. 

We then work with inclusive employers to find a role where your contribution is valued, and your support needs recognised, so you can enjoy the many benefits of working.

The Customised Employment process

Backed by research and tried and tested in the United States for over 20 years, Customised Employment has proven to be a most successful approach in assisting people with significant disability to participate in open employment.

To access Scope’s Customised Employment you will…

Contact us today to find out more about our customised approach.

We can help you to get the right funding in your NDIS plan so you can start your Customised Employment journey.

Scope is working with the University of Melbourne to incorporate research into our work on customised employment. This research project is a key activity of the Scope-University of Melbourne Partnership. The aim of the Partnership is to improve outcomes for people with disability and provide opportunities for direct engagement and co-design of policy and practice.

For Employers:

Are you looking to explore the benefits of an inclusive and diverse workplace for your organisation or business? You can read more about the customised employment process for employers here.

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