Accessible Information Service

Helping you meet the needs of people with low English literacy by translating your work into plain language and Easy English

Does your business or service organisation need to make its documents more accessible? Scope can help. We use an evidence-based approach to writing and designing documents with accessibility in mind.

More importantly, for every translation project we work on, we use a team of testers with lived experience of disability and low English literacy – who assess your documents to ensure they are truly accessible before they reach your customers.

Easy English in action

We work with organisations across a range of sectors to develop customer information in Easy English. Here are some recent examples of our best-practice Easy English conversions.

Want to produce your own accessible documents? We deliver education and training in different ways to suit your organisation. You can learn anytime using Scope’s Accessible Information e-learning module. We also offer online and face-to-face options delivered by our experienced trainers.

How Scope can help

Document translation

Do you have a brochure, website, or other document that you want to make more accessible? Our team of experienced writers and speech pathologists can help you translate key customer-facing documents into Easy English and plain language.

Focus groups

Not sure where to start? A focus group is a great way to identify your end users’ needs. We can facilitate accessible focus groups with our team of testers. With their lived experience of literacy challenges, they are expert in helping you identify which documents or messages you should prioritise for your next translation project.


Want to produce your own accessible documents? Our experienced trainers can deliver education and training both online and face-to-face. Or your team can learn anytime through Scope’s Accessible Information eLearning module.

Why make your information more accessible?

By creating Easy English versions of your organisation’s collateral, you’re helping people with low English literacy to do everyday things – from banking and paying bills, to completing applications, understanding service agreements, and using online services. It greatly reduces the stress and uncertainty these people face.

By creating more accessible communications, your organisation will benefit in many ways, too. Key benefits include:

  • Improved customer service
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Reduced risk of complaints
  • Positive public image

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