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Disability Awareness Programs in education

Inclusion starts at school. We’re here to help teachers and school staff create more disability-aware and inclusive classrooms, which in turn helps create more aware communities and shapes the attitudes of future generations.

While most people want to be welcoming and inclusive of people with disability, they often lack the confidence and skills to do so. This prevents true inclusion and can leave people feeling left out of their community.

That’s where we come in, with a range of school programs including BioScope and teacher professional development opportunities on offer. 

Programs for students

Building more diverse school communities

Our Disability Awareness Programs teach the importance of seeing the person. Led by people with lived experience of disability, they include real-world examples and fun activities to help participants build confidence and awareness about people with disabilities. 

Students gain: 

  • An understanding of what disability means for different people
  • Confidence to engage with people with disabilities in different settings
  • New ways to communicate with people 
  • Knowledge of individual and community perspectives of disability and inclusion 
  • Understanding the role communities play in the lives of people with disability
  • Skills to be more inclusive in their school and community
  • Opportunities to put learnings into action 

What we offer

The programs we offer can be delivered both in the classroom (Victorian only) or online (nationally), as well as in community settings alongside people with disability. They are curriculum-aligned and can be delivered in all settings, from primary through to secondary and further education.


Our most flexible package, suitable for both primary and secondary students, BioScope is a set of videos featuring storytellers with lived experience of disability. Students will experience first-hand insights and unique perspectives on disability. Teachers get curriculum mapped worksheets with the option to purchase an additional resource pack and an in person or online question and answer session with one of our educators.

Programs for teacher professional development

Did you know that more than 65% of students with disabilities attend mainstream schools?

Scope’s Teaching Diversity program provides teachers and school support staff with easy-to-implement tools and strategies for learners with disabilities. Led by educators with lived experiences of disability, the program brings invaluable first-hand experience from the perspective of both students and educators.

Participants come away from the program with:

  • Skills to create welcoming and disability inclusive classrooms and schools – for students, staff and parents with disability
  • Inclusive practices to embed in the classroom
  • Effective ways to communicate with students with disability and their families 
  • Skills to empower students with disability to be self-advocates
  • Knowledge to strengthen inclusion through the social model of disability
  • Confidence to make Reasonable Adjustments with ease
  • Communication strategies, tools, aids and devices
  • Confidence to support students with disability as learners, to be leaders and active members in their community 

All sessions held in Victoria contribute to Teacher Registration and Professional Learning hours and requirements. 

For more information about program inclusions and associated costs, please get in touch. 

Other resources for schools and teachers

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