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Want to be more inclusive and reach more people?

Create a culture of inclusion your business or organisation and ensure all people feel welcome and can access your services.

Scope training solutions works in partnership with you to meet your organisational priorities and empower your people with practical skills, resources and confidence to deliver inclusive and accessible customer services.

Scope training is led by people with lived experience of disability. All of our training is available online and in-person across Australia.

Business and organisation training

Scope’s disability inclusion training enables businesses and organisations to create an inclusive workplace and culture for employees and customers. Our training assists you to:

  • Embed inclusive practice across your workforce
  • Improve customer service and reach new markets
  • Meet your Disability Access and Inclusion Plan and Corporate Social Responsibility goals
  • Know your responsibilities under the Disability Discrimination Act
  • Understand the Social Model of Disability
  • Learn how to interact and communicate with people with disability respectfully and with confidence
  • Learn about and apply current inclusive language trends.

Standard or customised training solutions are available to meet your business needs.

View our business and organisation training programs here.

You may have noticed, we have changed the name of our service. Formerly named Disability Awareness, we have changed to Disability Inclusion to capture the essence of what we do and make it easier to find us.

Ready to take diversity and inclusion to the next level?

Scope is here to help you become a more disability inclusive organisation. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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