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As Scope marks its 75th anniversary, we reflect on the stories that illustrate the profound impact the organisation has had on countless lives.

One such story is that of Geoff and Louise, two individuals for whom being part of Scope has reached beyond support, living arrangements and work opportunities. Instead, it has become a cornerstone of their love story, which began decades ago as when they lived in shared accommodation together.

For Geoff and Louise, being a part of the Scope family has proved to be more than just a place for them to live and work but has also fostered their long-term relationship and marriage.

Love found at Scope

“Louise and I met 27 years ago at a day and lifestyle program, as it was known then, and have been inseparable ever since,” says Geoff.

Geoff and Louise were also both living at Knox Shared Accommodation at the time. Just prior to the introduction of the NDIS, Scope supported Geoff, Louise and others from Knox Accommodation to co-design new purpose-built small format homes. Through this process of co-design, Geoff and Louise were able to decide what was important to them in their home life, and they realised that included tying the knot!

In a true show of community, their home support team and their local church worked together to make the dream come true.

Recently Geoff and Louise celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary, of which Geoff said of his wedding day “it’s the best thing I ever did. It was a very special day.”

Instagram Geoff and Louise

Thriving and socialising together

One of Geoff’s favourite parts of Scope is being able to have “nice conversations with nice staff” and Louise agrees – she loves to chat with everyone that comes through the door! In fact, Geoff and Louise both agree that one of the best things for those thinking of joining Scope is that they can meet people like the pair of them and make fast friends. The pair also love to go out and enjoy their local shopping centres where Louise, an avid shopper, is often to be found and Geoff enjoys visiting places like the Pancake Parlour. Geoff and Louise are also both active members of their local church.

As Scope commemorates its 75th anniversary, the journey of Geoff and Louise reminds us that beyond programs and initiatives, it's the human connections that define the essence of the organisation. Looking to the future, Geoff and Louise express a hope for more consistent staff presence, recognising the impact of continuity in their lives.

Meaningful opportunities

Geoff is an active member of their home and is also always keen to participate in Scope initiatives, such as being on committees like Scope’s Customer Advisory Panel where he can help get the client voices are heard and Geoff participates in decision making for the organisation which he “really enjoys”.

Recently, Geoff was also thrilled to accept a position at Scope as a Communications Access Assessor with the Communication and Inclusion Resource Centre (CIRC) team. He is absolutely “loving it”. “I think it’s been really good, just watching how much enjoyment he gets out of these sorts of things. He comes in and we do our emails,” says Chloe Pearce, Coordinator.

Living their dreams

So, what’s next for the happy couple? A trip to Queensland where the pair will enjoy the summer sun and Geoff will enjoy a nice beer by the pool (or anywhere!).

Their journey reminds us that, at Scope, we create opportunities for people to belong and thrive.

Scope 75 years

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