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Today Scope celebrates 75 years of supporting people with disability to belong and thrive.

Founded on 17 August 1948 by parents who wanted a better future for their children, 75 years on we continue to believe that that every person has scope to achieve their goals and live their dreams.

In marking Scopes 75th birthday, Kate MacRae, CEO Scope said, many things have changed in 75 years, but at the heart of Scope remains our clients, the people we support to live their dreams.

“For 75 years, we’ve helped people with disability to reach their true potential, by enabling them to be heard, to be included, and to be empowered to belong and to thrive,” said Kate.

“It’s a fundamental belief that’s defined our reason for being, and it underpins everything we’re about today and into future.”

From Scope’s beginnings as the Spastic Children’s Society of Victoria, through the 1980s which redefined the way disability was seen in our community, to the introduction of the NDIS, Scope has been helping people realise their true potential.

“As we celebrate 75 years, we start a new chapter as a national organisation, offering services that support people with disability to live, work and connect as they choose.

Inherent in Scope is our genuine commitment to providing the highest quality support and care, and to advocating for and empowering people to have a voice, and to be heard,” said Kate.

Scopes 75th anniversary signals a pivotal point in time – one that acknowledges the people and clients who’ve shaped our rich history, and those who are shaping our future.

“We have a story that’s 75 years in the making. We’ll keep evolving, innovating and collaborating with our people and clients to keep backing the potential of every person, celebrate their contribution, and support them to thrive.

Scope has touched the lives of countless individuals and families, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of disability services in Australia.

As we look toward the future, we do so with renewed energy and a commitment to continuing to pave the way for a more inclusive society where everyone can live their dreams.”

See here the history of Scope.

Watch Kate MacRae and Zane McKenzie talk to the history and future vision of Scope.

Scope 75 years

Now and Then – Mark Stainsby

Each of our histories has given us is a strong foundation for our future. As Scope marks its 75th anniversary, we are highlighting the many people who have helped make Scope the organisation we are today. Today we meet Mark Stainsby, House Supervisor.

Mark with Scope client george

Scope 75 years

I’m going to be Scope’s next CEO… 

While it might seem far-fetched at first glance, the progress Scope is making in ensuring people with disability have a seat at the table means that it won’t be long before those with lived experience become our executive leaders.

Zane mckenzie