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Scope's Annual Report is a document describing Scope's activities, achievements and financial performance for each financial year.

The 2021–2022 financial year was one of significant growth and change for the Scope Group. We expanded our national footprint with the acquisition of Disability Services Australia (DSA) in New South Wales along with the supported independent living staff and customers transitioning from Uniting Vic. Tas. In welcoming a host of new customers, staff, and houses to Scope, we are growing our capacity to positively impact on the lives of people living with disability.

Some of the highlights of the year include:

  • 5,622 people were supported by the Scope Group
  • 2,160 children accessed therapy and psychology services
  • 912 adults participated in meaningful recreation and skill building through our day programs

View the last seven years of Scope’s Annual Reports below. If you would like a printed copy, please contact 1300 472 673 or email [email protected]

Current Annual Report

Past Annual Reports