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At Scope, we are committed to celebrating diversity, promoting inclusion, and fostering a fair and equitable workplace where everyone is supported to belong and thrive.

Scope recognises the detrimental effects of gender pay gaps in the workplace and is dedicated to addressing these disparities among our people.

Our gender pay gap analysis and context

In alignment with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012, which aims to promote and improve gender equality in workplaces, Scope Vic and Scope NSW are pleased to report our efforts during the 2022-23 WGEA Gender Equality compliance reporting period.

Scope Vic: Reported an average total remuneration Gender Pay Gap (GPG) of 2.4%, which is significantly lower than the national average of 21.7% and the industry-standard GPG of -2.5%, however, there remains room for continued progress.

Scope NSW: Reported an average total remuneration GPG of -21.6%, which surpasses the national average and industry standard.

Drivers of our gender pay gap

In Scope’s Victorian business, the 2.9% shift from -0.5% favouring women to a 2.4% favouring men in 2023. We acknowledge that our gender pay gap is influenced by a lower representation of women in senior leadership roles and a higher representation of women in lower-paid positions.

In our NSW entity, our gender pay gap is a consequence of having twice the number of men in supported disability employment in the lower quartile and a majority of women in the top three quartiles.

Efforts and strategies

Scope’s Culture Transformation underpinned by our Purpose, Vision and Values is centred around creating a diverse and inclusive culture and environment of belonging where all people are empowered to contribute, belong and thrive.

Board and Leadership Representation: We are committed to diverse representation across Scope and continue to invest in this. We see diverse representation in Board and Leadership roles as key to a culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging. Our Board comprises 60% women and our Executive Leadership team comprises 43% women.

Ongoing Strategy Development: We continue to invest in strategies and initiatives to cultivate and empower a diverse workforce. For example, via our Scope Group Workforce Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy, culture initiatives and mechanisms to support equitable opportunities for development and career progression.


Scope remains committed to ensuring our people are given equal and equitable opportunities to belong and thrive. We recognise that achieving true parity requires continuous effort, collaboration, and dedication to an inclusive culture where every individual feels valued and empowered to contribute meaningfully.