Inclusion on ice

Give ice skating a go!

Whether it’s winter or summer, ice skating is a great year-round activity to keep you active and fit. What you may not know, is that ice sports are accessible too!

Ice skating is for everybody!

Scope’s Community Inclusion team ran a ‘Come and Try’ session where anyone who attended could give ice skating, curling and sled hockey a go. Both electric and manual wheelchairs can be used on ice, so there was no one left sitting on the bench.

Ice skating

Electric and manual wheelchairs can be driven or pushed straight onto the ice!


Curling is played by sliding weighted ‘stones’ across the ice towards a target area. The closer to the centre of the target, the more points you get! It is usually played as a team and the team with the most points wins.

Sled hockey

Sled hockey is played using the same rules as ice hockey. The only difference is the specially designed equipment. A metal sled with skate blades attached to the bottom is used to support the player to move across the ice at great speed. The hockey sticks have a curved blade at one end to hit the puck and metal teeth at the other end which the player can use to maneuver.

Fifty people headed down to the O’Brien Group Arena for the ‘Come and Try’ event. Although some were a little nervous at first, every single person gave an activity a try. In fact, some of the participants have now joined the regular Monday evening wheelchair curling training sessions. The training develops the participant’s skills and there are even opportunities to compete in competitions.

One service provider said “we would be super keen to come again” and that with the facilities available “it opens up the activity for a lot of our service users”.

For more information on future ‘Come and Try’ events or Monday night wheelchair curling, contact Caterina Kasiaras at or 9902 1063.