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Based in Braemar NSW, the Farm Fresh operation is a social enterprise providing customers the opportunity to buy locally grown and ethically produced herbs.

Farm Fresh produce is grown hydroponically and is planted, grown, and harvested by Scope's supported employees living with disability. You can buy and enjoy the freshest produce with the lowest carbon footprint – together we can do our part for environmental sustainability.

Our major customer is Sydney Direct Fresh Produce who deliver our fresh herbs to restaurants, pubs, clubs and café’s all over Sydney and surrounds.

You can also buy our herbs locally from IGA Moss Vale who have supported us from day one, and if you’re eating at Mittagong RSL or Paste Thai Restaurant, you might sample some of our microgreens on your dish!

“I started out here packaging coffee pods. Along the way, they’ve realised my abilities and I’ve been working my way up. Doing jobs that take a bit more thinking about what you’ve got to do. Farm Fresh work is different. You get to put some soil in, seeds, water. And see the herbs at different stages.”

Daniel White, Farm Fresh Supported Employee

“We have participants from all different backgrounds with unique ambitions and goals. Our Farm Fresh operation gives our supported employees the chance to develop a unique skillset, in a fun and supportive environment.”

Wara Kitsiri, Packaging Solutions Site Manager

Meet the growers

Tess dsa


“Working with my team and doing something different.”

Daniel dsa


“There’s so much variety in the work. It’s an interesting job and different to packing. I have learned some new skills and knowledge.”

Kevin dsa


“I like gardening work and I enjoy getting to be part of the whole process. I have done setting up the soil and planting the seeds. To putting the adult plants into containers on trucks to be sold.”

Joana dsa


“I’m working on a veggie garden at home, and I like gardening.”

Mathew dsa


“I enjoy putting the soil and seeds into the pots.”

Andy dsa


“I enjoy seeing the positive responses from IGA and developing our working relationship with the staff.”

Mark dsa


“I like putting the soil into pots and bagging.”