Telescope is an annual writing prize open to writers with disability. It is an initiative of Scope’s Communication and Inclusion Resource Centre (CIRC). Telescope provides a forum for writers to have their work read and discussed and for readers to tune in to the diverse voices of writers with disability.

The winners for the 2016 Telescope program  have been selected. The writers will be presented with their awards and read selections from their work at Melbourne City Library in February.

What: Telescope Awards and Readings
Where: Melbourne City Library Gallery Space, 253 Flinders Lane Melbourne
When: Friday 24 February, 2017
Time: 12pm – 2pm

For more information, contact Catherine Martin at or call 0409 197 551.

2016 Telescope Award Winners

Poetry Award

1st Place:The Yum Char Song by Joel Barraud
2nd Place: The Rowley and the Carpenter by Rhys Rowley
3rd Place: Insight Without Vision by Kerrie Sculac

Highly Commended Poems:
I Want to Be Famous by Ashleigh Modra
The Fatal Trip by Troy McConnell

Fiction Award

1st Place: Yearning for Freedom by Tessa Burdekin
2nd Place: Welcome to the Tales of the Farm by Mary Nickson
3rd Place: Bob the Walking Stick by Jenna Bailey

Highly Commended Fiction:
The Big New York Robbery by Tim Desmond
Alan’s Dream Adventure by Alan Tran

Non-fiction Award

1st Place: My Dog Rusty by Kezia Glenane
2nd Place: Mindshadows (Chapter 8) by Jean Winter
3rd Place:  My Name is Sheryl by Sheryl McInerney

Highly Commended Non-fiction:
Reclaiming Pieces of My Soul by Pavlina McMaster

Young Writer Award

The Cunningham Pier Monster by Corey Loader

Group Writing Awards

The Birthday Party by Nhu Lu, Maryann Agius, Jenna McDonall and Beverley Harris
Sarcastic Blue Diarrhoea by Brodie Shaw, Penny Manning and Abby van Barr