Telescope Winners Announced

On Tuesday 15 December, Scope in conjunction with Melbourne Library Service (MLS) presented the winners of the 2015 Telescope Writing Competition. The event was held at MLS’ Library at the Dock in Melbourne’s Docklands.

The event also celebrated the Telescope Workshops for Writers Living with a Disability. The program was facilitated by a City of Melbourne Grant, and paired writers living with a disability and editing and writing facilitators Dmetri Kakmi and Sam Twyford-Moore.


First prize

Erzsebet Leczfalvy Bodor Smith – ‘Pa’s Story’

Second Prize

Daniel Kraus – ‘The Magic Daffodil Seeds’

Third Prize

Vincenzo Berlingieri, for ‘New Country –New Life’

Young People’s Fiction Award

Ashley Kerstjens – ‘Untitled’


First Prize

Pavlina McMaster – ‘A Room with an Autistic View’

Second Prize

Elisheva Jones-Resnick – ‘The Way to Be Inspired with the Human World’

Third Prize

Troy McConnell – ‘Night Moves’

Young People’s Non-fiction Award

Caitlin Telfer – ‘My Best New Years Eve Ever’


First Prize

Colleen Waddington – ‘My Sister under Roses’

Second Prize

Rebecca Bish – ‘A Pilgrim Tale of Music’

Third Prize

Michelle Tetley – ‘Embraced by Love’

Young People’s Poetry Award

Jay Davis – ‘Rusty Boy’

Group Entry

Group Entry Award

Burke and Beyond Group, for poems written in their literacy program:
Hannah Arndt – ‘The Darkest Day’
Jason Borg – ‘The Friend’
Tim Desmond – ‘Policeman’
Brodie Elroy – ‘The Past’
Cailan Ford Weinberg – ‘Love Rick’
Steven Nguyen – ‘World War’