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Scope and software partner SocialSuite have developed a practical online app called MiSO to measure outcomes in the disability sector.

Recognised for MiSO on the AFR Top 100 Most Innovative Companies list, Scope is proud to demonstrate its innovation and research outcomes at a national level.

The Research

Years of research into outcomes measurement, led by Scope’s Dr Stella Koritsas, has enabled the development of an outcomes framework and two surveys designed specifically for use by adults with disability. Each of the surveys have been developed through research and extensive testing which has shown that the surveys are reliable and valid and can be used with confidence to measure outcomes.

The consistent collection of outcomes data can have wide ranging benefits, including:

  • Enabling service users to track changes that have occurred to them;
  • Allow service providers to determine whether a service is achieving its objectives and use that information to drive service development; and
  • Allow funders to determine the impact that funds are having.

The Application

By linking this research with innovative technology to ensure that outcomes measurement is embedded in service providers’ day-to-day practice, Scope teamed up with global leader in outcomes measurement software, Socialsuite, to create MiSO.

MiSO – an acronym for Measuring Impact and Service Outcomes – is an online app that enables service providers to measure the impact and outcomes of their services for people with a disability. MiSO collects, compiles and analyses outcomes data in one single, easy-to-access location.

The app allows service providers to measure outcomes, track performance against goals, use the data captured to inform service delivery and improvement, and provide evidence of outcomes to customers and funding bodies, such as the National Disability Insurance Agency.

A practical tool for any service provider, MiSO:

  • Collects comprehensive data from the people directly participating in services;
  • Analyses data at the individual, service, and organisation level at the touch of a button;
  • Enables users to conduct analyses according to various demographic characteristics, such as type of disability, age, and gender;
  • Provides easy access to participant data at any point in time;
  • Allows the setting of reminders for data collection;
  • Integrates with other client management systems;
  • Eliminates the hassle of paper-based surveys – users experience the convenience of a central online data location.

Download a whitepaper to learn more about the outcomes project and the MiSO app.

To find out more about MiSO, please email Dr Stella Koritsas: [email protected]


The Dr Jennifer Fitzgerald Research Grant

Scope is one of the largest not-for-profit disability service providers in Australia, supporting thousands of people with intellectual, physical, and multiple disabilities.

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