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Key Word Sign uses speech and sign together to help people communicate.

For children and adults with communication difficulties, Key Word Sign is a great way to encourage speech, language, and communication development. It uses a core vocabulary of words, and each word (or concept) is matched to an Auslan hand sign.

Auslan (Australian Sign Language) is the native language of the Australian Deaf community. Key Word Sign is not a language itself – it is a communication approach specifically designed to support people with communication difficulty. We gratefully acknowledge the Deaf community for the use of Auslan signs.

How to get started using Key Word Sign

Scope can help you access workshops and resources, so you can learn to use Key Word Sign to communicate with the person you support.

Key Word Sign workshops

If you support a person who could benefit from Key Word Sign, a great place to start is attending a Key Word Sign workshop.

Workshops are held all over Australia and you can participate in person, online, or a combination of both.

The ‘Getting Started with Key Word Sign’ Basic Workshop is a fun, interactive and supportive way to begin your Key Word Sign journey.

Attend a workshop run by a trained and accredited Key Word Sign presenter. Look for a presenter near you using the Key Word Sign Australia ‘Find a Presenter’ map.

Find KWS resources

Key Word Sign Australia have a range of key word sign resources to support your learning and use of key word sign. Find resources that will help you:

  • Sing and Sign
  • Play and Sign
  • Read and Sign
  • Chat and Sign
  • Learn and Sign
  • Work and Sign
  • and many more Signs of interest!
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