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In an adrenaline-charged showdown under the Springers Leisure Centre's roof, the Bombers emerged victorious in a pulsating game of Balloon Football. The scoreboard read 3-1 in favour of the Bombers, but the drama, heart, and rivalry between two standout players stole the show.

Team Lineups:

Bulldogs: David O'Brien, Michael Coles, David Stevenson, Nicole Jackson, Ollie De Blaze, Justin Reynolds

Bombers: Keone Prout, Emine Temel, Ben Hill, Heather Barcham, Gianne Vassilakis, Craig Hargraves

From the first bounce, it was evident that both teams meant business. The Bulldogs showcased their trademark tenacity, displaying seamless teamwork and tactical prowess. Conversely, the Bombers exhibited flair, blending skill and precision in their every move.

As the game unfolded, both sides battled bravely to seize the day. With rock-solid defence and skilful ball movement, the Bulldogs stood their ground firmly. The formidable trio of David O'Brien, Michael Coles, and Justin Reynolds ensured that the Bombers would need to earn every point the hard way. Ollie DeBlaze and Nicole Jackson demonstrated their balloon-popping mastery, keeping the Bombers on high alert.

For the Bombers, it came down to their rock-solid defence, with the ability to score goals at a premium. Nicole countered Heather's ability to strike towards the goal, thwarting potential scoring opportunities. On the flip side, Ben Hill's steadfast defence prevented Nicole Jackson from converting at the other end. This game was about defence, a relentless battle where every inch of the field was fiercely contested.

Heater and Nicloe going for the ball
Sam James D Ben H Keone P Gianni
Sam and Heater
Gianni and Sam
Gianne Craig and Heather with Trophy

Springers Leisure Centre witnessed an electrifying showdown that epitomised Balloon Football – a sport where agility, precision, and teamwork reign supreme. The Bombers' triumphant 3-1 victory was a testament to their relentless commitment and skill. However, the Bulldogs' spirited display left an indelible mark on an unforgettable contest.

This memorable game etched a new chapter in Balloon Football history as it became the lowest-scoring final ever witnessed. The tension and suspense were palpable, and every point became precious.

Balloon Football League (BFL) is a version of Aussie Rules that has been modified to suit the needs of people with a disability. The game first started in 1995 by three men with a disability. Today, it’s played by over 100 people across Victoria.


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