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Not knowing what’s in store for the day can leave many of us feeling anxious and disorganised.

Having a clear, well-structured roster was a small change that had extra-large benefits for one housemate.

Sick of feeling agitated and unclear about the movements of people in his house, 28-year-old Luke was supported by the house team to implement a clever whiteboard scheduling system to help him keep track.

Tracey, House Supervisor, said the change allowed Luke to gain confidence and feel in control.

“Luke used to get stressed and agitated if he didn’t know what was coming up,” Tracey revealed.

“Now, he writes down two weeks’ worth of team rosters, his mum and sister’s schedules, and whatever else he has going on in his own life.”

Introducing the whiteboard, which sits in Luke’s room for easy access, has not only helped Luke feel more “settled”, but it’s also improved the way the entire household operates.

Since the roster includes everything from medication times to bin night, Luke is able to ensure no task goes unmanaged.

“Luke knows everyone’s roster and tells them as they are leaving when their next shift is, and he will make sure they punch out so they never forget,” Tracey said.

“We could get a whole new house team and I know that Luke will have the house running like clockwork – he can tell them what needs to be done, what time and how to do it.”

When he’s not helping around the house and doing things for his housemates and house team, Luke enjoys visiting the library, going out for a bite to eat and collecting receipts.

Housing five residents with competing and complex needs means the house is busy at the best of times, but by giving Luke room to be himself and lean into his passion for organisation, things are running more smoothly than ever.

Learn how Scope’s Supported Independent Living (SIL) homes empower residents like Luke to live more independently and pursue their interests.

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