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By understanding a person’s behaviour, you can better meet their needs. Positive behaviour support (PBS) is all about improving quality of life, while reducing the occurrence of challenging behaviours.

If you work in the disability sector, aged care, health care or education, you may benefit from PBS training delivered by Scope’s experienced team of practitioners. We offer a range of PBS training programs that can be tailored to meet the needs of your business.

Why should you do PBS training?

With the right training, you and your team will be better equipped to help improve the quality of life for people with behaviours of concern. You’ll learn how to:

  • Maintain quality and compliance requirements, including legislative requirements
  • Reduce the need for restrictive practices
  • Improve quality of life for people with behaviours of concern and increase meaningful engagement
  • Keep safe and reduce workplace incidents in response to behaviours of concern
  • Improve staff capability and increase confidence.

Training packages

  • Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Essentials
    This half-day training program covers topics including ‘What is PBS?’, ‘What is a Restrictive Practice?’ and ‘What is the Role of a Disability Support Worker in PBS?’
  • Trauma Informed Practice
    This half-day training program encourages a trauma informed lens in service provision and provides education around what trauma is.
  • Understanding Dementia
    This half-day training program provides education about the signs and symptoms of dementia, and support strategies for working with someone who has dementia.
  • Understanding Autism
    This is a two hour online that provides education about neurodivergence, alternative communication styles, and support strategies for autistic individuals. An interactive half day in person training program can also be delivered in specific Sydney and Melbourne metro areas as well.
  • An introduction to Understanding Intellectual Developmental Disorder:
    This is a two hour online training program that provides education to understand how an Intellectual Developmental Disorder is identified, how to create a supportive environment, and strategies for individuals with different levels of support needs.

Getting started with PBS training

To learn more about our PBS training, or to discuss a more tailored option for your business, please complete your details below.

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