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Transferring from one Supported Independent Living (SIL) home to another can be daunting – but it could be the most rewarding move you make.

For older resident, Andrew, the choice to move out of a bustling and noisy nine-person SIL with another disability provider seemed inevitable.

The chance to re-decorate and flex his inner interior designer was an added bonus.

“He was living at a place with nine guys there, and it wasn’t the best fit,” Andrew’s older sister Faye said.

“They were a bit loud and Andrew had developed a few bad habits, we wanted to find somewhere with a bit more support as he gets older.”

Andrew has accessed Scope services for more than 20 years and is a regular at Chelsea’s Social Connections (day program).

After many months of consideration, Faye and Andrew decided he needed to move to a smaller home with less people and more individualised support.

Andrews room in SIL housing, a neat bed, dresser and posters on the wall

But it wasn’t until he decided to transfer from his previous SIL home to a Scope home that he and Faye realised what he’d been missing out on.

“The first move from the family home to care was a little bit hard because it’s meant to be home,” Faye said.

“The other place he was at didn’t show love so that part of it was very difficult for him because he is a very affectionate person.

“Now, the people at his new Scope house are a lot more caring – there’s a lot more individualised support because it’s a smaller house and they’ll give him a little hug if he needs one.”

Andrew’s fondness for bright, striking feature walls was also taken into account by the team, ensuring the new digs were up to his standard.

“The staff there had his wall painted red, and so Andrew went to his DLO in the morning and while he was there, we packed up everything for him so he got to come home to his new house – he’s been brilliant there.”

The extra attention and compassion is a big plus, but it’s just one reason Faye and Andrew are thrilled about the move.

Stressing less

Faye has found that a lot of pressure and responsibility has been taken off her hands after Andrew’s move to a Scope house.

As his older sister, Faye felt it was her job to take Andrew to medical appointments, organise for him to see specialists and even pick him up for social outings.

“I used to have to take him to all of his doctor’s appointments and things, but his Scope Support Worker takes him and they even have doctors, speech therapists and [specialist] nurses that come to the house,” Faye said.

“They’re looking after a lot of things that I would have had to look after and I would have had to initiate and they’re being pro-active about it.

“The staff have offered that they will take him places on the bus so I can meet him out at the shopping centre or somewhere else, and they will pick him up – before, I was worried about moving him into the car and out of the car myself.”

With Faye’s mind at ease and Andrew enjoying the perks of his new home, the big move was a resounding success.

If you or a loved one is considering a move out of your current home, Scope is here to help. Read more about how Scope’s experienced Vacancy Coordination Team can help you find your dream home or get in touch.