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The NDIA are gradually rolling out a new computer system and improving the way they work. Here we provide information you may need if you are an NDIS participant moving to the new PACE system.

What is PACE?

PACE is NDIA’s new system to make it easier and safer for participants to view and manage their NDIS funds and their service providers.

It is a more user-friendly way for participants to:

  • View their budget.
  • See their plan information and personal details.
  • See all claims against their budget.
  • See messages and correspondence from the NDIA.
  • Make and manage claims (for self-managing participants).

PACE stands for Provider and Participant Communication Environment.

The NDIA will gradually move participants to the new system, this is likely to happen when your NDIS plan is due for renewal, or you have a plan reassessment.

The NDIA will let you know when your NDIS Plan is built in the new PACE system.

You can find more information about PACE on the NDIS website.

What will change?

New ‘my NDIS’ participant portal and app

The NDIA has built a new participant portal called ‘my NDIS’ and updated its app to work with PACE. The portal is a more accessible and user-friendly way for participants to manage their NDIS Plan.

The ‘my NDIS’ participant portal is for participants with NDIS plans developed in PACE. Participants who don’t have a plan in PACE will continue to use the current NDIS ‘myplace’ portal. 

Participants will be able to register for the ‘my NDIS’ participant portal when their NDIS plan is approved in PACE. It can be accessed through the App or through myGov.

Participant-endorsed providers (‘My Providers’)

Participants with Agency managed funding will be able to record participant-endorsed providers for their plan - called ‘my providers’.

Participants with Specialist Disability Accommodation, Home & Living, and/or Behaviour Supports must record their 'my providers' in their plans.

Plan managed participants must record their plan manager on their plans.

When a participant endorses a provider, it lets the NDIA know the provider can make claims against their NDIS plan when they deliver a support. It means the NDIA won’t have to check before making payments.

Participant check-ins

The NDIA will check in with participants during their plan period to see how they’re going. During the check-in, the NDIA will ask if the supports in the participant’s plan are meeting their needs, and if the participant is experiencing any issues with using their plan. Having a check in doesn’t mean a plan needs to change. 

Check-ins can take place face-to-face or by phone. Participants can have a family member, supporter, or someone who helps them with their plan join them for the check-in.

New support type

The NDIA is introducing a new support type called Recurring Transport. This addition, alongside Core, Capacity, and Capital supports, is specifically designed for regular transport payments. It's a self-managed category aimed at simplifying transportation arrangements for participants.

New support categories

New options are coming! The NDIA is introducing five additional support categories, bringing even more flexibility to NDIS plans. Please note: these new categories are 'stated supports,' meaning they are fixed and cannot be transferred to other support types.

  1. Two new core support categories
    a. Home and living
    b. Young people in residential aged care (YPIRAC) – this is an NDIS-managed category.
  2. Two new capital support categories
    a. Assistive Technology – maintenance, repair, replacement
    b. Specialised Disability Accommodation (SDA)
  3. One new capacity building support category
    a. Behaviour supports.

New category names

Some category names under Capacity Building are getting a refresh to better reflect their purpose:

  • Support Coordination is now Support Coordination and Psychosocial Recovery Coach
  • Improved Relationships is now Relationships
  • Improved Health and Wellbeing is now Health and Wellbeing
  • Improved Learning is now Lifelong Learning
  • Improved Life Choices is now Choice and Control.

No more Service Bookings

In the PACE system, providers will no longer make service bookings. This means providers, like Scope, may need to ask participants to confirm that funding is available.

Other changes

Some other changes include:

  • Rollover of funding
  • Release of funding at intervals
  • Bulk payment claims (single claim removal).

What do I need to do? 

When your plan is in the PACE system, you may need to record who your service providers are.

You have a service agreement outlining Scope’s responsibilities as your service provider. With PACE, in addition to this agreement, you'll need to 'endorse' service providers via the NDIA. Essentially, it's your way of confirming to the NDIA that you choose us for these services.

If your supports are ‘Agency Managed’ please ensure Scope is recorded as a ‘my provider’.  

You can do this in one of the following ways: 

  • Tell the NDIA at your plan review meeting. 
  • Talk to your NDIA planner. 
  • Ask your Support Coordinator, Participant or Plan managers to assist you to contact the NDIA. 
  • Call the NDIA National Contact Centre on 1800 800 110.

Recording Scope as a ‘my provider’ 

You may receive services from one or more of our Scope entities within the Scope Group:

  • Scope (Aust) Pty Ltd.  
  • Home@Scope Pty Ltd.   
  • Disability Services Australia Ltd.

If this is the case, you will need to record the appropriate entity details for the service(s) you receive, i.e. Supported Independent Living, Social Connections, Therapy. If you are unsure, you can always give us a call. Please contact our Customer Enquiry Service (details below).

See our Easy Read about recording Scope as a 'my provider'.

More information  

For more information on PACE, visit the NDIS website.  

If you have questions about how these changes may affect your NDIS plan, you can contact your Support Coordinator or Local Area Coordinator.   

If you have any questions about Scope services, please talk to the manager of your service or contact us.

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